For the love of design - this is why we do what we do. 

From the drawing board to our showrooms. We are there during the entire design and production process. 

Our furniture is designed by the Danish, Berlin based architect Sigurd Larsen and the Danish designer Amanda Lilholt. Every piece of furniture is crafted by hand and produced within the EU. 

We believe in the design that we ourselves wish to surround us with and to give our customers the shopping experience that we wish to get. 

Our preference for the simple design honors the long tradition of Danish design mixed with the idea of functionality, comfort and the unique detail to create our perception of the great design. We honor the design that gives creativity, personal requirements and taste free reign. 

When choosing from a wide range of models, sizes, colors and materials you can adjust the design in countless ways to make it t into your home and life perfectly. Every choice of detail that you make creates a uniqueness in the design that constitutes our belief of your home as an expression of who you are - your taste and personality. 

We believe in the unique, Danish design where clean lines, form and function creates an aesthetic design with endless possibilities. This is Formel A.