Sofie Rueskov Sundby is working on her Masters in Furniture Design at The Royal Academy in Copenhagen.

“I usually initiate my designproces pretty hands-on by trying out different techniques and approaches. This is expressed in the design of MOON TABLES where I experimented with linseed oil and pigmentation to find the exact surface and colors that I dreamt about.

Colors have great significance in our everyday life and they impact us more than we think. They give life and ambiance to our surroundings, they tell a story and reflect moods and memories. Color was the main focus during this design process because I wanted to create a piece of design that makes it easy for us to express our personality and individuality in our home.”

The MOON TABLES design is honest and intuitive and created with this idea in mind that it should immediately tell you how it functions and how to assemble it - without the use of tools, glue or screws.