Here you can view the colors that we carry in our Wool assortment. If you wish to receive some fabric samples, please don't hesitate contacting us.

Wool is a soft wool fabric without the familiar scratchy feel to the skin. Wool is a very durable and resilient material that adorns itself wonderfully about the cushioning of the sofa and adds special warmth to the sofa’s expression.

Wool is dirt repellent, durable and elastic and therefore widely used on furniture. Wool is a natural material, which contains the natural lanolin that helps to give the sofa an extra layer of protection.

The wool is available in the colors Light Gray, Light Blue, Anthracite and Blue.


70% wool, 25% polyamide and 5% other fibers.

Martindale: 60.000

Color fastness to light: 5

Pilling: 3-4


For maintenance, regular vacuum cleaning with a furniture brush is recommended. Always brush in the direction of the texture of the fabric and do not rub too hard, as this may force pilling.

All wool products initially tend to give off surplus fibers called pilling. This does not affect the quality of the fabric but is a natural process for wool. Pilling can be removed with a furniture brush on the vacuum cleaner or a wool shaver / lint remover.

As with most of our fabrics, you have to be careful not to rub too much on the fabric when cleaning, as it can force peeling.

Our recommendation

As a rule of thumb, fabrics made of synthetic fibers and light colors will fade the least in direct sunlight. If you are therefore looking for a sofa to be placed somewhere with very direct sunlight, we recommend polyester rather than fabrics made from natural fibers. In addition, choose fabric with a light fastness above 4.

The durability of our fabrics ranges from 25,000 to up to 100,000 Martindale. For severe wear, the wear resistance should be above 20,000, but for normal daily use a minimum wear resistance of 10,000 is recommended.